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We do Spring Fest to make an impact in our community. Read more about our efforts below.

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Spring Fest Grants

Spring Fest is proud to support our community. If you have an idea for a project that needs sponsoring, please send an email to

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Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners

2019: Joi Dean, Paige McElroy, Madison Shackleford, Sydney Summers
2020: Nicholas Bergman, Autumn Whiteman, Nicholas Bradley
2022: Aaron Gillespie, John Gillum, Amber Price

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Children's Mental Health

Beginning in 2023, Spring Fest is making an effort to include activities that support and enhance children's mental health.

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Projects Supported

Miamisburg Kindness Rock Garden


Wee Vikes


The Dayton Foodbank

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Dugout Club


Miamisburg Community Foundation

Dayton Strong

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